Xcess Salon was built through the sheer drive of being different from the rest and to provide quality service for the consumers that they can all be proud of. This is what drove XCESS SALON to its creation.

This amazing one of a kind concept was created due to the sheer
passion to provide a salon concept to the Class C Market that is truly unconventional.


Xcess Salon was created in order to provide a remarkable salon concept in the industry.


The concept, look, service, products, marketing campaigns and operations are truly out of the box thinking.


To put a smile on each of our clients’ faces every time thery visit us through our friendly service. We want to make them happy.


• We are the Filipinos’ happiest salon.
• We are the Filipinos’ favorite salon.
• We provide the cleanest salon.
• We want the Filipinos to be proud to say that  “ Nagpagawa ako sa Xcess Salon”.


• We are passionate to serve.
• We are happy to serve.
• We believe that the client is our boss.
• We are transparent with our rates to our clients.
• We make the clients feel “The Feel”.
• Our corporation is created to work hand in hand with our Franchisees.

To be beautiful does not need to be expensive.

Federico Moreno, President/CEO, C.F.E